Carrier oils for skin care and their benefits

Different Carrier Oils For Skin Care And Their Benefits

carrier oils for skincare and their benefits


Vegetable oils are often called carrier oils because they're commonly used in massage and aromatherapy. They do not contain any concentrated aromas so they're used to dilute essential oils and carry it onto the skin.

Carrier oils are extremely beneficial and for that reason they are very popular in the beauty industry too. They all have different properties and uses.

Here are the most common and effective carrier oils and their benefits.

Carrier Oils And Their Benefits:

      Olive Oil

      • Moisturizes
      • Reduces wrinkles
      • Protects skin from the sun
      • Tones the skin
      • Gently exfoliates
      • Removes excess oils

      Avocado Oil

      • Protects skin from sun damage
      • Improves signs of aging 
      • Reduces the appearance of scars
      • Prevents and treats acne
      • Speeds up wound healing
      • Moisturizes and hydrates

      Grapeseed Oil

      • Protects against free radicals
      • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles
      • Reduces inflammation
      • Moisturizes

      Rosehip Oil

      • Moisturizes 
      • Hydrates 
      • Helps exfoliate
      • Brightens 
      • Helps with collagen reproduction
      • Protect skin from the sun
      • Reduces scars and fine lines
      • Reduces Hyperpigmentation
      • Evens out skin tone

      Jojoba Oil

      • Moisturizes
      • Hydrates 
      • Antioxidant 
      • Antibacterial 
      • Relieves sun burns
      • Fades fine lines and wrinkles
      • Soothes and heals dry and sensitive skin
      • Helps with collagen reproduction
      • Helps balance oils

      Sweet Almond Oil

      • Treats dry skin
      • Improves acne
      • Helps reverse sun damage
      • Moisturizes
      • Helps lighten under eye circles
      • Improves skin complexion and skin tone
      • Cleans out pores from impurities


      To achieve even better results, you can also try mixing carrier oils with natural butters that also provide tons of benefits. Shea butter is one of the most popular ones. It's often mixed with carrier oils to create a body butter in a creamy consistency for deep moisture and for other skin benefits. 

      Like the oils above, shea butter also has the power to moisturize, hydrate, heal and soothe the skin. So, when mixed with these oils you immediately feel and see results. 

      If you're looking for an oil that will moisturize, heal and protect your skin to improve your overall complexion, we highly suggest you try our Veenourish body butters. 

      Our body butters contain no chemicals and no preservatives. They're 100% natural, organic and very effective. Which makes them the perfect alternative to products with harsh ingredients that do more harm than good. 

      We use cold pressed carrier oils because they have more active potential, since they haven’t been heated, distilled, or processed.

      Get the benefits of the carrier oils and more, shop veenourish, improve your skin, and stay healthy.

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