About Us

Welcome to Veenourish!
Veenourish was founded in 2020. The idea began when I was pregnant with my son, I was transitioning to a healthier life style and wanted to avoid toxic chemicals. I did research and tossed away many products that I owned that I didn't even know were so dangerous and I began to look for healthier alternatives.
Unfortunately many products that I came across were marketed as natural but, they still contained preservatives. So I decided to create my very own products instead.
I got amazing results and I wanted to share these products with others but more importantly, I wanted to spread awareness on the harmful chemicals that are used by many cosmetic manufacturers.
What we put on our skin matters. We don't need to put our health at risk to achieve beautiful skin. 
Our mission at Veenourish is to help others transition to a healthier life style, starting with body care. Our products are 100% natural, we don't use preservatives or chemicals of any kind. And all of our products are made in small batches for freshness guaranteed. 
Make the change today, transition to a non toxic life style with Veenourish and watch your skin transform!