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We created Veenourish to help guide others to non toxic living, starting with body care. Our products are made with high quality ingredients that will feed your skin the nutrients necessary to glow and stay healthy. They’re the perfect alternative to the products you own with harsh ingredients that do more harm than good. Shop Veenourish and be one step closer to a non toxic life style.


Rose Body Scrub

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Exfoliate, Detox, Nourish

Buff away impurities with our exfoliating body scrubs for a softer and smoother complexion. Unclog your pores and detox your skin with our clay masks that draw out excess oils and help repair beyond the surface of the skin. Nourish, moisturize and improve your skin's health with our body butters.

Rose Body Scrub

"I tried the Rose Body Scrub and WOW! I've never used a scrub that's left me that moisturized. I was in awe, even after towel drying my body, I still felt moisturized and my skin felt so soft which I thought was amazing after just one use. 10/10 would definitely recommend to everybody I know. My skin has never felt better!"


Lavender Body Butter

"When they say body butter, they really mean body BUTTER!!! I tried the lavender one and it is amazing!! My skin is glowing!!!!!! 100/10 recommend!"


Rose Body Scrub

"The Rose Body Scrub is a game changer, I've used plenty of scrubs including Frank Body and anything from Ulta and nothing compares. My body felt so smooth and so moisturized. I will 100% repurchase!"